"With over ten years of firsthand mental health and chronic health experience, Jake offers a range of tailored mentoring and coaching services both in-person and digitally."


With a lifetime of insight into the fields of self-care, personal development, and achievement, Jake offers a range of tailored mentoring and coaching services both in-person and digitally which you can view in full detail below.

Jake’s dedicated office is at Tremough Innovation Centre, with wheelchair access, an on-site cafe, rural views, and comfy seating. As Lead Mentor and Director, he has ensured your experiences as a client are as comfortable as possible from the moment you start mentoring. 


We try and make our services as affordable as we can whilst still paying for office space, resources, staff training, and website costs.

Prices start at £35 for Talk It Out sessions, including VAT. Payment plans are negotiable for any mentoring and meditation sessions priced at £50 or more, but must be arranged in advance.

As well as payment plans, we can also offer service packages with multiple sessions at a discounted rate than if booked individually.

Please contact us by email to inquire about payment plans and service packages, as well as the discounted rates we offer for Falmouth, Exeter, and Plymouth university students.

Initial Consultation

Our first session is for forming a tailored plan for what services may be most suited to your current needs. PLEASE NOTE: We always recommend an initial consultation for new mentoring clients so we can devise your plan.

45 mins
£50 (incl. VAT)

Talk It Out

These sessions are for letting you vent your worries, relax, and look together for solutions. Clients use these sessions for anxiety support, overcoming bereavement, and spiritual guidance. Blankets and hot drinks available!

30 mins
£35 (incl. VAT)

Realising Your Dreams

These sessions take a closer look at your dreams, and how we can make them a reality. Support often takes shape as working together on your confidence, making major changes in your life, or researching courses and careers.

60 mins
£65 (incl. VAT)

1 to 1 Mentoring

1 to 1 Mentoring is designed to be regular, and revolves around day to day life; be it an upcoming event, gaining independence, or ongoing social support. Some clients also use these sessions as extended Talk It Out sessions.

60 mins
£65 (incl. VAT)

Mentoring For Success

Mentoring For Success provides short term specific Career/Education support, such as essay research, changing courses, starting a business, or social-confidence building.

60 mins
£65 (incl. VAT)


Similar to Realising Your Dreams, these sessions evaluate where you currently are in life, but instead take a deeper look and explore what may be currently holding you back from moving forward.

60 minutes
£65 (incl. VAT)

Guided Meditation

Meditation sessions are tailored around the client. For example, meditation focused on self-care, mindfulness, or reducing anxiety. As a bespoke service, we ask that you contact us to form a session plan that's unique to you.

60 minutes
£70 (incl. VAT)

Workshops, Consultancy, and Group Sessions:

For Workshops, Consultancy, and Group Sessions, please contact us directly at jake@thestardustcentre.com. We can discuss content, location, and pricing.

Free group sessions are offered for charities, universities, and the like. Please contact jake@thestardustcentre.com to discuss your needs, content, and location.


DISCLAIMER: We are not a crisis or medical service. When applicable, mentoring services and meditation should always be used as an additional support tool, not a replacement for crisis assistance, medical treatment, or diagnosis. Always ring NHS 111 in a crisis, or contact the Samaritans for Free on 116 123. Thank you.