Welcome to The Stardust Centre!

The Stardust Centre is your new dedicated Mentoring Practice and Meditation Studio based in Penryn, Cornwall.

Your space to be you

About The Stardust Centre:

The Stardust Centre is a dedicated mentoring practice and meditation studio in Penryn, Cornwall. Our key philosophy is that we as individuals are fully capable of achieving anything we want to, so long as we set our minds to it.

Some of the Services we offer:


Initial Consultation:

In our first session, we will always form a tailored plan for what services may be most suited to your needs.


Realising Your Dreams:

Following an initial consultation, these hour-long sessions will take a closer look at what your dreams are, and how we can make them come true.


Guided Meditation:

Every client who wishes to incorporate meditation into their plan will have it tailored to their circumstances, this includes meditation sessions around self-care, mindfulness, and anxiety.


"I needed to hear what Jake had to say. It is so easy to give in when it feels you're alone. Or to the anxiety when it says that nothing good comes from leaving the house. Thank you for reminding me that the sun is warm, and I like to feel its rays on my face!"

- Michelle

"It's as though you are my voice for a moment, like you have reached inside my head and articulated every feeling I have been unable to express coherently. Thank you for everything."

- Angela